When do you exchange phone numbers?

I'm on an online dating website and currently talking to a guy. When would be the best time to exchange phone numbers so we can text rather than logging on and messaging multiple times a day. Anyone ever online date? Or what point in a relationship do you exchange numbers?


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  • You do it when you feel comfortable enough with that person.

    There is no "right" time.


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  • I have a 5 message limit max per girl online and if she don't give her number I drop her. I don't have time for endless emails. I'll ask if she wants to talk on the phone(preferred) or text message. After that I maybe talk a little longer but if I can't get an actual in person meet shortly after that her number is gone. They key is to meet in person. Meet real people in the real world. So many people get the wrong impression of who they are meeting and stupidly think they are "getting to know" the other person but only in person do you get to know them.

    Girls who can't give out their number are wasting people's time and most likely just want attention and not to actually date. I wish there was a way to filter out the attention whores. So many of them are also fat girls with face only pics to hide their weight so they can be called beautiful by guys who don't see the rest of them.

  • I'm terrible in terms of this, I have almost no phone numbers... and the numbers I have, I didn't ask for. I don't use my phone whatsoever if I'm honest, all I do is message and I tend to use internet based things to do it. I haven't sent a text to a girl in about five years, and I haven't been on the phone to a girl in even longer...

  • within the first week or within the first 5 messages. if you fail to leave a strong impression and go for the number early on then you'll be buried in a sea of messages.


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