Online dating creeper. Should I do something?

I did the online dating thing a few months back. Met someone not from the site so I haven't looked at my profile for a while but I recently went on to tell someone who was contacting me again that I was in a relationship now. Long story short another guy I went on one date with has repeatedly been looking at my profile like every 2 or 3 days. Not sure if I should do anything about the situation or not he has my phone number and is a cop I'm not sure if blocking him from the site would accomplish anything or just make things worse


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  • I think you're overreacting and find it very odd that you'd still consider to use an online dating site when you're in a relationship. The only people to contact someone in online dating are those interested in dating.

    Plus keep in mind things like hitting the back button on a browser can cause your page to load for someone. So he could have been randomly scrolling. I have actually talked to girls who looked at my profile online and they'd say things like they hit "random match" and I came up and that's why they looked at me.

  • I'd just ignore him,or delete your profile. NO harm in his looking at you prrofile, he probably checks out many others in the same way.


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