Can a shy guy hate dating?

I'm a shy guy and I'm a college student. I don't see anything wrong with being shy. I have never had a serious relationship with a woman because it is something I wouldn't enjoy. I'd have to be outgoing, meet her friends, meet her family, and go on dates. Those are things I'm not comfortable with and it sounds like a lot of pressure.

I don't have friends, I'm OK with that. My hobbies are: reading books, studying for my college courses, playing video games, watching sports, and browsing the internet. My hobbies are my idea of fun. Dating and approaching women isn't fun to me, so I don't do it. Am I the only guy who feels this way?


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    Nothing wrong with it. People like to be alone more than not. But attempting to be a little more outgoing is not a bad thing. You would be impressed that you could enjoy life just the same or maybe even more by hanging out with people. Maybe finding a group in college that includes your hobby's. You would meet people that share your interest and possibly your personality. You might even meet a girl that way too. I am personally a pretty social person. I have my close friends and my girlfriend that I relate well with, and love to hang out with. When going through junior high school though, I was much more about being about myself, and had a couple friends that were the same way. I am still friends with those friends, and they are still pretty shy people. One has met a girl that is shy like him. He met her at video game design school. They both LOVE video games, board games, reading, etc. They can sit there and do those things together all day long.

    You are still young. There is no need to rush things. Find things you like, and find people you like to hang out with. If it comes to it, find a girl that you relate well with. Don't force yourself to be with someone that doesn't share your interest.

    • As of now, I prefer to do things by myself. Maybe in the future I'll do the things you mentioned.

    • Ya man. Just take things at your pace. Just don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone occasionally

    • I will most definitely do that.

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  • I agree to a point. I'm shy myself, but I don't use that as a crutch for my life. Stop labeling yourself as shy, and stop making excuses. There's always a reason behind everything, and who we are, and where were at in life. I know from myself, is the reason I'm not too comfortable meeting woman, is because I'm not comfortable within myself. We all have to pick ourselves up. At a young age, we use to have our parents do it for us, make us believe in ourselves, giving us tons of confidence. But now it's our turn to do it for ourselves. Confidence is an inner thing, but also has affects on who we are on the outside. Do you like who you are, where your going in life? Are you truly happy? You said, that you don't have many friends. Why's that? From your statement, it just sounds like your life is very secluded. It also sounds like your sheltered within your life, and you seem to be a private person. What you need to do, is get out of the shell you've been living, do what you enjoy. Heck, playing video games can be a good start to just getting to know people. I know there are a lot of ways to make friends, and the start is to find video game competitions. I know there out there, you just need to put forth the energy, and just make some friends. I think that's the most important thing you need to focus on right now. The whole meeting woman will come later, but it's about working on yourself.

    • I never made an excuse, I'm just being myself. I am a private person, I have been that way entire life. There are just some things in my that I don't want to share with anybody.