How should I cancel this date?

I want to cancel a date but the only problem is the guy I'm going with was really looking forward to the date and the concert we are going to. He's even going to be driving 5 hours to see me. I bought the tickets myself and have been having offers of people who want them. I feel awful for not wanting to go now but I have found out I'm no longer interested in this guy. I think we are at two different points in our lives. I'm thinking about ignoring him (I know it's wrong) but I don't feel like dealing with his drama (which I know there will be no matter if I tell him my reason or not for not wanting to go).


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  • You should just say to him that you no longer want to go on the date. It's better to tell him early that you aren't interested in him than to let his feelings for you develop more. It will hurt him, but it's better than to ignore him completely


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