Do guys change their minds easily?

Been talking to a guy for about 5 months now... We've met up twice but briefly and he is going to deploy for the navy in a couple months... The thing is we've been texting mainly and we both admitted that we liked each other at different times, told each other we thought about each other, among a lot of other things which I found to be a good sign... bu recently, we were texting and we were busy so he never responded and then this past week I didn't talk after that one night and I texted to tell him something important since my weekend changed and I never heard a response back which is unusual... I'm just wondering if this might be a bad sign since I mean we don't ever see each other, so do guys change their minds easily if they find another girl that's better or more convenient? I'm worried this is a bad sign, I mean I know its too soon, but I always felt like I was annoying but I tried really hard not to be and now I'm having second thoughts :(

Basically are guys prone to changing their minds? Even if theyve professed they like a girl? I mean their no commitment and I don't trust easily and we had that talk before and he said he just wanted me to trust him and he wouldn't ever hurt me so I don't know :/ But this was a while ago, I mean we have very close talks still but I'm scared he will not like me anymore since I can't see him before he leaves for months and I really liked him :(


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