Are online dating sites good for getting girls offline?

And please don't tell me to ask them out ASAP because it never works, I've tried many times. How do I meet these girls in person? The problem I always face is that we run out of things to talk about quickly, especially if she doesn't have much on her profile.

How do I meet these girls in person? Which online dating sites is good for getting girls offline?

I have a good response rate, the problem is getting them offline.
More answers please.


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  • I give them no more than 5 messages and if they don't agree to exchange numbers I drop them.

    Save all the emails you'd have for them for the in person meet up.

    Within 3-5 messages I am asking them for their number. If they don't give, I toss that one aside and emailing others. If I get her number, I'm still emailing others. This way if one flakes I got backup.

  • The guy I know with the best online dating success ... asks them out ASAP.

    Huge numbers of people on online dating sites don't actually want to meet anyone.

    Another big chunk can tell in 10 seconds they aren't interested in you.

    There's no point chatting them up for days.

    If you're getting a 0 response rate, fix your profile.