Am I being paranoid? Over complicating things in my head?

Usually I'm really terrible at picking up if a girl is hitting on me. But recently a girl in my class has been, what I believe at least, showing interest in me. Yesterday, before class, I was able to get her number. (Example: we both were going to go to a Halloween party (college) but I ended up not going. After class she specifically said "I wish you were there because "sorority guys" were hitting on me")

Today around 1pm (or so) I texted her saying it was me, basically a "hey" message but I tried to make it somewhat original.

Usually in class she checks her phone every now and then, but I still have received a text. (7 hours after)

Should I assume she just isn't interested? Maybe I'm just freaking out a bit as I tend to do often.



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  • That is a good question. I would say she is slightly interested in you and that it could go many many different ways. I would recommend that you relax a bit about it, text her and talk to her more, and keep it casual. She'll probably make it more obvious if she is actually interested in you after that.