Why did he randomly start contacting me?

This guy I'm kind of friends with randomly started texting and Facebook messaging more so than usual. He said he would be in my town for work and that we should hang out and go out to bars. His job is on Saturday but he said he would come a day early to meet up with me and hang out.

He's quick to respond and usually texts back. He's sometimes flirty and will talk about his family and job, etc. He seems nice and fun, however, I think he might be using me for something.

He has asked me if he'll get to meet my friends from my sorority when he visits, which makes me think he's using me to get with my friends. Then he asked if he could stay on my couch or if he should stay at a hotel so he could be using for a place to stay as well, although he doesn't have to stay the night for his job.

However, while texting he'll tell me to watch him on TV (his job) and will still text me when the convo gets dull. He's been texting me first for a few days.

I've known him for awhile now, we're from the same hometown and I did have a thing with his really good friend (he's the one who told me his good friend really liked me) so maybe he doesn't want to be involved with me after that.

I guess I just can't figure out his intentions. Why did he all of a sudden talk to me now? Is he using me? Thanks!


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