Guys! How would you react? I'm really curious!

So guys here's my question: If you like two girls at the same time, let's say both are really pretty and hot and your texting with both of them. One of the girls is texting you more often and longer (about 2-3 hours non stop and you enjoy it) but the other one texts you rarely and you are the one who initiates the texting with her. But she surprises you occasionally with really cute texts though. So I'm curious which one would attract your interest more? The one who texts you more and with whom you can texting for hours? Or the other one where you have to expend the effort to get in touch with her (but don't forget: if you do that, you always get a good and hot response )?

I actually wanna know if you like to get the girl without much effort or if it's a turn on when the girl activates your (manly) hunter instinct?

Thank in advance for your answers!


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  • Considering that sooner or later, no matter how much I enjoy it initially, I know I am physically not able to do 2-3 hours of texting (seriously, no man is capable of that for long) I have to go with the girl who is lower maintenance. ie Doesn't expect 2-3 hours of texting.

    "I actually wanna know if you like to get the girl without much effort or if it's a turn on when the girl activates your (manly) hunter instinct?"

    Well that's a whole different question, and yours doesn't do a good job of getting that info. Why didn't you just ask that?

    I like to pursue the girl, but she *must* give some indication that she likes being pursued. If she runs too fast, I don't bother. If she makes it too hard, I don't bother. I like the chase, but she has to want to be caught. And show that.

    • I agree with this man, though I also think being able to text for a couple hours shows how easily you could get along with the girl which I find most important, as long as this trait follows up in face-to-face interactions as well and the texts are not boring

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  • I don't chase girls anymore. I'd be more interesed in the girl that is meeting me half way as opposed to the one who doesn't seem serious. There are enough good women on this planet for me to able to avoid the stress of indecisive women. The only way the elusive girl could winn is if she had the better personality. Even then as soon as I knew she was better I would call her out on her games and tell her to be serious. If she continues to play I walk. Again women are letting themselves down by playing games

    • Does not texting too much mean being non-serious? Even if she gives the indication that she likes you?

  • I myself prefer a challenge ;)


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  • idk

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