How do I win a woman's heart, when she is in a rebound relationship?

She knows I like her, I'm not sure if she knows to what extent though. She knew I liked her before she got in this new relationship. I was told, by one of her friends, that she didn't want me to be her rebound after breaking up with her ex of two years.

I don't see her too often, but when I do see her I look at her as if it could be the last time I see her and I treat her as such. I know I come off as a 'nice guy', but I can't help myself -- I hope it doesn't come back to bite me.

I love her, and I want her to be happy; but, I can't give up on the best thing that's ever come into my life.

She is in a relationship now. I don't know how serious she is, but when I finally asked her out directly she told me she was "sort-of" seeing someone.


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  • just be in contact with her and being nice is ok. but once her friend or she seems like she's totally over the other guy, then hopefully she'll initiate contact with you. it will take her more than a month to get over him if it's a 2 year relationship. until then, I guess, you can be there for her and she might choose to go out with you afterwards. she probably needs some space to heal but stay in contact with her friends to check up on her dating status in the meantime so she can be 100% over her ex when she's ready to date.

  • Don't chase a woman on the prowl. Just flirt like hell! Give her what she wants and then take it away. You'll drive her nuts and she will want you. Promise. When a girl gets out of a relationship like this, she's looking for a fun. Easy prey isn't fun. Boys who are overly nice are not fun. They want passion, tension and attraction to make her feel beautiful and free again after she hasn't in a while. These are the few circumstances in which the guys get to be chased. So let her chase. This should be fun for you. This is SO your time. Be nice, but not too nice. Let her know that she can't have all the perks of being yours if she isn't. Make her want to be.


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