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Hey y'all , I'm having a problem and I need y'alls help . Heads up its lengthy . OK , so this person and I have been talking for two months . We already established that we like each other but were not in a relationship . Although we've been on many , many dates and enjoyed ourselves . In addition we texted sun up to sun down , on the phone and Skype until 2AM . This isn't a long distance relationship because we're 15 minutes away from each other .We've kissed , held hands , hugged , and cuddled . But nothing sexual yet because we both agreeded to base a relationship off honesty , trust and commitment and not lust . We've already planned our next date . We only get to see one another on the weekends because we both work and go to school . Also , the person told me they've been single for 2 years because they needed to work on themselves . In the beginning I was kind of to myself and feisty . I was putting up and I still had my guard up . Tbh I don't trust anyone and I don't want to get hurt . And they saw through it and told me it was OK . I was hesitant but I slowly let it down it came naturally . I didn't put effort in it . But here's the problem last Friday we went out to dinner . We had a blast . We were cuddling in the diner booth , teasing each other , holding and playing with each others hands and fingers . And the person demanded that they taste my food before I do so I wouldn't risk getting food poisoning if there was a chance . Towards the end of the night we were in the parking lot , beside our cars . We hugged for literally half an hour or more . I kissed their cheek and they laughed . The person was hugging me very tight and rubbing my back ? And kissing of the nose , lips and cheeks began . And I'm not that easily relaxed with someone . I could tell by their eyes and body language that we had a connection . On Tuesday the person started becoming distant . No more texts , calls or Skype unless I imitated them . And also one worded answers . Just when I began opening up I get closed off . Did I miss something ? Or maybe I'm just naive and foolish .

I don't want to ask what's wrong because I don't want to seem clingy and desperate . Anyone know what I should do ? Anyone . And below I'll put some of the examples that they text me . Thanks (:

-open doors for me

- states at me and says what ? I can't look at you

-walk me to my truck

-pay for everything

-if I need anything even in the middle of the night they'll get up , buy it and bring it to me

-their not sexual ( said they can live with ours sex )

-if I don't call the person when I get home they get mad

-" ... I take my time and I never want you to think I want anything from you or wanna make you feel like we're moving too fast"

" I also have respect for you"

" Your smart , mature , a piece of work and a challenge "

" you gonna ignore me every time I make you mad( not on purpose) or are you gonna communicate with me . The only way I can fix something I did is if you tell me , I can't

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let your guard down and get comfortable with me"

"… you want me to realize that Ur worth fighting for and worth chasing lol I'm hip baby I get it"

"this whole mean girl act is just a front your trying to test my patience and make me work"

" he flirting with you , tell him Ur spoken for"

" your a good girl , extremely beautiful and I respect you" etc

" it's fine if your talking to someone else but I don't have a reason to" I'm not


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  • I would call and ask him what's up, why is he acting so distant? Then if he acts as if he doesn't know what you're talking about and refuses to express himself... I would recommend backing off. Maybe he just need some space right now, to be honest..


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  • Just wait him out.. either he'll give in or he wont. The end.