Why do I think that something could actully happen?

So gave this guy my number he never texted me .We have the same class and we see each other around school . We talk its not awkward I asked him a question he answered no problem . Why can't I stole thinking something could happen , he didn't text me so it's like a mini rejection yet I keep thinking there's potential why?


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  • "Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torment of man." Friedrich Nietzsche

    You think this because you have not been directly rejected. If he rejected you on a more direct level you'd get a simple no, and your mind could accept it as closure. However, you have not been rejected; you've been blown off. There's a distinction. This kinda leaves it open. Including to interpretation. So, naturally some part of your brain has not interpreted this as an ending, this isn't over, so some part of you still thinks there's the tiniest sliver of hope. That's the problem.

    I think you should try to rectify this. If you like him enough to hold out on hope, then perhaps you should brave a real rejection. Otherwise this will probably hang on in your mind for a while.


    • Omg thank you that really helps . I will try

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    • And what exactly is so terrible about rejection?

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