Was he just making excuses?

This guy I slept with a few weeks ago, hadn't really talked to me much after it..I don't usually do that so I felt a bit funny about it. Then he said he would come to this event with me because my friend couldn't go, I thought it was a bit strange that he all the sudden wanted to come. He didn't kiss me the whole night and after it we went back to the hotel. He had made flirty remarks but didn't kiss me or anything, then he started falling asleep and I said is it bad that I wanted you to kiss me?He then said no, it isn't bad, I'm just so tired. I then asked him to cuddle me so he did. I felt stupid and felt like he was just making excuses about not kissing me. Then the next morning I had a shower and he said if you want me to come in let me know, I let him come into the shower and I feel like a complete idiot, I don't know why I let him. We started messing around a little but I wasn't feeling well so we stopped. I said you didn't kiss me last night but now you want to do this?And he said it's a new day and I'm not tired now. Can someone really be that tired to the point they don't want to kiss someone, he had an opportunity to kiss me earlier in the night..

I felt like he wasn't interested, I just feel embarrassed and who knows what he thinks of me. I wish I didn't sleep with him and wish I didn't say come into the shower argh.

Do you think he just wasn't interested or was just tired?


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  • I think you are over thinking this. Yes I know there is a point when you can get so exhausted that you just don't want to do anything. The guy I'm seeing was this way about a week ago. He was just so tired he didn't want to do anything but lay there not really even want to kiss me.


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  • probably guys are asses just get rid of him

  • I think he was just tired. For us a kiss can be just a kiss but for guys a simple kiss can bring the whole sexual tension very easily so while you were thinking about just a kiss or kissing, he probably thought further. And if he was that tired he also knew he could not finish what he started lol. Try to look at it this way :)

    • either way he could of at the event.. I feel disappointed that nothing really happened and that he just sees me as a fling. But at the same time we both don't want relationships anyway, but I think I might like him a bit :(

    • Ya that can happen. But if you don't want to get hurt, you should have no expectations. If you both don't want relationships, then you have to be OK with just hooking, right? But if you feel like you developed feelings for him, and you're sure he still sees you as a fling, you have to let him go an move on. If he really likes you, he wouldn't let you go and if he does, so you would know at least where you stand.