What kinds of girls guys should date and ones they should avoid?

This is a attempt to help guys with dating problems. This is not in anyway a attempt to bash/generalize women . Just trying to help people that's all.

When guys have questions about dating woes, one of the most popular answers is "You're going for and/or after the wrong women" So I'm going to help guys out by giving them this list of women ones you should break your necks to date and ones to stay the hell away from.

Women you should date

1.The equality woman. The equality woman is a true feminist

she believes in equality across the board from opening doors to the front lines.

2. The sexual woman. This woman loves sex and men and doesn't make any bones about it. She's a free spirit that's honest about her sex drive.

3. The low maintenance woman She's the type of woman who doesn't expect you to finance her life . She's a rare breed and she's the most atypical of modern women.

4. The personality woman . This woman may not be the best looking, but her light up a room personality makes up for it.

5. The straight up woman . With this woman there's no games and she knows how to communicate. She's always straight up with you and you always will know where you stand with her.

Women to stay the hell away from

1. The gold digger she's out for your money plain and simple. While there's nothing wrong with spending money on a woman, make sure she's enjoying you and not your money. Going for broke in a relationship doesn't mean GOING BROKE. Remember that. Player. And don't be fooled, some of the "nicest" girls are the most greedy of them all

2.The teaser woman. You can never trust her because she will flirt with anything in pants craves male attention and if something better comes along , she'll drop you in a heart beat.

3. Mixed messages woman. She will show great interest in you then that quickly goes away then she repeats over and over again . Your association with her will be of utter frustration. She will date you and flirt with you, but you'll never get pass friend status. Save yourself some heartbreak and don't get involved with her.

4. The spoiled brat woman This woman has been coddled by family and friends all of her life told that they were princesses and expect you to treat them like one They absolutely have no idea that real life consists of paying bills and cleaning bathrooms . She will demand to be taken care of be a dud in bed, and if she doesn't get her way, she will turn into a shrieking nag. Run.

And there you have it/. Hopefully this advice will help out some of these guys that have these dating troubles. I used to be like you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think:

    a) avoid woman who don't understand you because if they don't understand you, they won't care about you either

    b) avoid woman who always do and say exactly the right thing if they are aggressive. That's a manipulator

    c) avoid woman who enjoy getting attention from you if they are not dating you. That's either a player or a girl with ridiculously high standards who will waste your time and never be yours.

    d) avoid woman who are prideful because they are likely to be abusive mothers


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  • Stay away from 1-4 of the ones you mentioned. Date 2 or 4 of who you mentioned above. Avoid those who are vain, don't want to live in a joint family, are a tattle tale, don't want kids cause it'll ruin their figure

  • If only guys would date 3,5 and especially 4 from "should date",I would be so happy :)). But most of all I agree + don't date the super wild,going out in the club every weekend,"the mask"(makeup) kind of girl.

  • another type of girl guys should date are the country girls! Now I know some of you may think "why the hell would I want to date a hick!" but bare with me on this one guys.

    Here are the Reasons Why you Should Date a Country Girl:

    -The know how to cook and will gladly cook for you

    -They love classic cars and sports

    -They love hunting, fishing, and camping

    -They love dogs

    -They'd rather be in the woods than in the mall

    -They have great taste in music (Classic Rock, Country, and NOT Justin Beiber)

    -They're fun to be around

    Trust me boys, get with a country girl and you'll never want to leave her

  • Man, great post. You understand women better than most women. Next time a guy friend is asking for girl advice, I'll just cite this!

  • haha this question makes it seem that it is entirely up to the men. It takes two to date. Besides, in my experience, most men are only to happy to date any girl that will date them.

  • I would avoid femininists.

    I would avoid a woman who is a lazy sh*t and parties all the time and doesn't have any education.

    I would also avoid a woman who has TONS of male friends who pamper her. I know a girl like this, she only has male friends and she's a b**ch and she takes advantage of her guy friends and expects them to buy her things. They are like her dogs.

    A girl that a lot of other girls seem to hate for no reason. There's usually a reason.

    The girl who is over manipulative and tries to control everything.


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  • 1. I believe in gender roles. When my partner and I lay in bed at night and if there ever is a suspicious noise, I'll be the one getting up to investigate it while my she listens out for me in our room with the nine ready. There is no way I want her to feel that she should be on the frontline as long as I'm around. I'm her advanced guard.

    2. Sex: You may call me highly fortunate, but I have quite the woman; petite, sexy and beautiful. Consequently, my libido is high, so she need not say a word about her sex drive, and it's still on. It turns me on more when I feel like my talents is the cause of our intimacy. I like being in the aggressive, dominant role in this regard.

    3. I like my woman to look good and feel good. She can afford to support herself and buy herself things, but I have more, and don't mind if she depends on me to subsidize her lifestyle at times. Again, she is very beautiful and I knew by her style of dress, ride, and lifestyle before we became official that she would be high maintenance. I should also note that she is a giving person and it's give and take with us.

    4. and 5. I agree with you.

    Personally, I don't want the perfect women. I like a balance of class, mischief, and subtly. It leaves more to the imagination.