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So, for the long weekend, my girlfriend may be coming down to my hometown. it got me thinking, if a girl has not see ANY of your hometown, friends, or family (met her in college) what do you think she would like to see first (or who?) girls, thoughts? guys?

It was a blast.. she really wanted to meet family, and see the town. so that's what we did!


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  • i would like to meet the friends first, that is the most exciting, and if she gets along with all of them she will feel more at home, and not like she's just a visitor in your town.

    needless to say you are going to be telling a lot of stories and taking her to a lot of places that are meaningful to you, but try not to overdue it, make sure you listen to her when she talks as well, so you can exchange stories and hopefully learn a thing or two about her, because it's no fun to be bombarded with someone elses stories.


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  • My first thoughts are she would want to spend time with you. It depends how serious you are about her, and how long you have been dating...she's not a prized trophy to show off? why have' you introduced her to family and friends before? so if you are serious about her maybe at some point you could pop by and see family but don't make it too long and all official and awkward for her, if you talk to her ask her what does she want to do. As for friends you could all meet for a quick drink and then you two could go off and do your own thing. Don't cramp too much into one weekend...there are other times you can do the family and friends thing? I would primarly want to spend time with my guy, hang out, catch up, esp if you haven't spent time together for ages...meeting friends wouldn't be too much of a big deal, maybe you could all go clubbing together? Let me know what happens. Good luck.

  • I'd say show her whatever it is that you look forward to when you get home. if you feel like seeing your friends first then bring her to meet your friends first. if you want to go for a drive then go for a drive and bring her along. I'd say just do everything naturally because it might be overwhelming for her if you are trying to fit showing her everything into a schedule.


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