Dating seems like bullsh*t most of the time. Thoughts?

Im not saying dating is bullsh*t like I'm mad Because I don't date much or have trouble. I'm saying it just seems like nonsense most of the time.

Im probably wrong but I will say that if guys are supposed to make the first move and be confident then why is it that we are waiting for a sign from a woman? is that not the woman making the first move? if a guy just will ask out a lot of woman then he gets a label as a player or desperate. but if he does not then he is gay or has no game. but the same kind of thing happens to woman.

if a woman takes the slightest bit of initiative and exudes confidence she gets labeled as a whore or desperate and if she does nothing she may miss out on someone she likes.

Not exactly fair.

most of the time you hear ladies say they want a man with confidence or guys want woman who are confident.

real confidence is great and all nothing against someone for knowing who they are and what there good at. but then you will see the majority of people are cocky or arrogant and its mistaken for confidence

I don't even really know what I'm trying to say here. it just seems like dating is a bullsh*t act that people put on.

or am I just wrong? lol


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  • or am I just wrong?

    Meh you're not wrong in my opinion as I find dating in regards to heterosexual dating to be mostly bullsh*t with guys sole motivation/intention being to get a f*ck (I highly doubt most guys would even consider a sexless relationship) and the gal working herself up in a state to please him and get him to commit to her.

    Im probably wrong but I will say that if guys are supposed to make the first move and be confident then why is it that we are waiting for a sign from a woman?

    Possibly so guys can have higher chance of success by approaching those that want to be approached as well as acknowledging gals consent in interaction by not bothering/pestering those that don't want to be approached.

    is that not the woman making the first move?

    Depends on what is considered the first move as I find most considered direct active engagement such as approaching and talking to be the first move not indirect passive engagement like giving usually subtle signs of wanting to be approached.

    • I agree with pretty much all the tings you said.

      makes sense. its just that these situations feel so fake and its like people are not allowed to be themselves.

      in my opinion it just sucks that the general dating set up is a guy pokes around a bit and tries to see if any ladies are interested but he doesn't pick up on the subtle things ladies do to let him know its OK to approach. then the girl thinks he doesn't like her and nothing happens.

    • The situations generally are so fake as few are direct and upfront about their intentions such as in an approach few guys seem to state they're approaching a gal to ask her out and instead beat around the bush with idle chit chat or pretending to ask for her opinion/help/advice or anything to get a chance to talk to her. The gal knows why he's approaching and he knows she knows why he's approaching yet there is this falseness of social manners.

    • As for the guy poking around and the gal giving subtle signals in my opinion that's on the patriarchy not social normalcy particularly it's traditional gender roles of guys as active and gals as passive with a toss in of sexually shaming gals who don't follow their role.

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  • you're just wrong


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  • I've honestly given up on dating because of the lack of initiative I was seeing from the girls I would talk to. I call, I text, I "take lead" and gets zero back. They'll talk to me only if I talk to them. Plus I would get stood up(luckily I never drove to the locations and saw it coming) or canceled on last minute constantly. Then the dates I would go on the girl would glorify herself yet I would see nothing in her.

  • Dating is bullsh*t. It evolved because people who date are more likely to have kids and pass on their genes. Nothing more complicated than that.

  • I'm always single because girls put no effort into relationships so it's just a waste of time for me. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm single forever unless I somehow find a girl that wants an equal relationship where both people put in the same amount of effort