What the hell is going on?! Does he not like me?

Hey all,

So this guy I like, he likes me... Took us ages to finally start speaking, now we have each others' numbers and are supposed to be meeting up. Only, he's such a bore! His texts are plain, standard- I'm trying to get a bit of banter and proper conversation going. Not only that, but he texts back after ages. It's a huge p*sstake. I'm beginning to think he's not interested? At the same time however, he's the boring one? So confused, what's going on? I didn't text him back once so he text me again, and he did the same, so then I remessaged him.

PS... He's not an introvert as he does go out to clubs etc

When we were in person, he wanted to talk more even though I had to go.


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  • Sounds like he just might not not know what to say. You have to understand that if does not know much about you he might not have much to talk about. Put it perspective for you I've been with my lover for 6 years and we have nothing to talj about know. I love her and truly beleive that we will be together but have nothing to talk about. Our conversation consist of what you did at work and how or the kid are doing love you bye.

    It's hard in this day in age time is moving so fast it hardly gives time for people to settle. Hope this helps.

    • I guess, but I'm giving him stuff to work with... Just don't get a lot back. I've spoken to him in person twice-ish, and the last conversation especially went well. I had to go after but he still looked like he wanted to talk.

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    • How do I even go about saying this? He texted me back eventually... But he disregarded everything that I said (including meeting up) and just asked how my night was. I don't understand him?

    • Just put in a text that you wanna have sex with him. When he reads that he should answer. Just tell him to not tell anyone are it's not gonna happen.

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  • Maybe he's not into texting? I hate texting tooooo ugh