She's now dating the guy I know liked her when she was my girlfriend, ignore her and move on?

My ex is now dating her 'friend'. I knew he liked her back when we were together and told her so. She got a bit angry and told me it wasn't true and I have nothing to worry about. I told her I trust her, but it's weird for her to hang out with a guy that's so obviously into her.

Now, 3 months after breaking up, she's dating (probably rebounding caus the guy is honestly a loser and I don't say that fast). That guy!

Ever since breaking up she's been pushing for friendship. So I wanted to give it a try but we barely have any contact because I know I still have feelings for her and she knows this too.

I'm friends with other exes too but they haven't pulled this sh*t on me.

Am I right about thinking I should just ignore her and move on? Any similar stories?


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  • Ohhhh man. IGNORE HER.

    A girl like that is not one you would want to extensively associate with any longer.

    I dated a for two years. I was so deeply in love. At one point, I knew she liked a guy, but of course she denied it. Well, after the two years, she left me for a DIFFERENT guy (and actually posted pictures of him just three days after leaving me). But more importantly, she got with guy number one, who I first told you about, who she denied liking. She said he was ugly and she could never like him, yet she still associated with him while we were dating. It really hurt and puzzled me.

    Of course, when she got with his after the breakup, I thought "good riddance," considering his level of loserism.

    Now, I was really torn up and I honestly would have taken her back as my partner, but I am Oh-so-glad that did not happen now. You definitely should ignore her. Be friendly but ignore her. And is she still dating that guy? If so, she's blatantly disrespecting you by even talking to you while being with him. If that was a know problem while you were dating then I don't see how she would consider involving you in her life right now as okay behavior.

    That was a lot of words. Hope it helps bud.

    • Exactly how I'm feeling, lucky for me there were 3 months in between so that's a little less sour then it would've been if she dated him right after she broke up.

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  • yes move on chances are It won't work w the new guy and she will try to come back but she doesn't deserve u

    • thank you, so it's kind of a sh*tty thing to do right?

    • what she did is real sh*tty,u ignoring her is not

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  • I really don't see what the problem is. You don't want her to date a guy that liked her when you dated her? Yeah she either acted like he didn't like her or there was no interest which may have been true or she didn't want you to feel jealous which is how you're acting.

    • I don't mind who she dates and yes I'm jealous. But I think it's low of her to do this. She once asked me what would hurt me the most (after the break up) and I answered I dno, then she said herself: Probably if I'd date that guy... I'm jealous because I'm hurt.

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    • Because I love her and she broke up out of nothing after a two year relationship so I'm having more trouble then usual getting over her.

    • It sounds like her dating anyone would hurt you. I get hire if you know the guy it's more personal and realistic, but it is what it is and there's nothing you can do.

  • If you don't want any contact with her, you're not forced to do so. If she wants to get out of the relationship to be with someone else, then let her go. This only proves that she's not the right girl for you. The reason shs's pushing for friendship is because she wants you as her safety net in case things don't work out with this new guy. Even if the new guy is a loser, and chances are she might get in touch with you to fix things, don't fall for it. If she didn't care about losing you, then she's not worth a second chance.

    Trust me, I've been there.

  • Yes you're right. Move on, it's only going to piss you off more and more. This is why I don'y stay friendswith any of my ex's