Do you think this would make a good social experiment?

I was thinking signing up to one of those dating sites and using two different accounts at the same time. The one account will have my real information and real picture of myself. I'll wait a week to see how many girls respond? Then after a week I'll sign up again using a different user name picture and info opposite of what I am. Would this be a good idea or a bad one? I'm planing on seeing how many women lie when it comes to looks and income.


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  • I did something like that haha, it's quite mind blowing what you find out.

    • Finally a girl who understands why I asked.

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    • OK just hope I don't forget to do it.

    • No need to rush ha.

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  • Do you think this would make a good social experiment?

    Perhaps if rather than the in my opinion cut-and-dry of putting up a profile seeing how many respond and calling gals liars you target specific gals those that state on their profile or in the dating forums if the site has one that she doesn't care about looks and income and send them messages from both profiles seeing which one they respond to.

    Would this be a good idea or a bad one?

    Meh I don't do 'good' or 'bad' unless it pertains to harming children/animals. This may be entertainingly suited if you apply this without bias.

    "I'm planing on seeing how many women lie when it comes to looks and income."

    Egh I'm not seeing how you plan to do that unless you target the gals who state looks/income don't matter and they pursue/respond to you. In your OP it doesn't seem that way as you stating you'll see how many girls respond and to take that as a measure of how many gals lie in my opinion if off. Unless you think that gals are a hive mind and their tastes speak for other gals such as if one gal says she likes brunettes and if another gals says she doesn't than that gal saying she likes brunettes was lying...o.O.


    Some girls are only into looks and money but are those the kind of girls who you want to really waste your time on? Maybe you should also do another experiment that has you sign up as a women with big boobs, Sknny body with long blond hair and then make another with a girl who isn't ugly but more average. I would also like to know the type of messages you get.

    • I could do that lol. I bet more guys will respond even if she is fat? But no women will respond to the fat guy like myself.

    • Here is the results after 4 months of an experiment that contained male and female profiles. link

      QA is right about fat women having vastly more options than most men.

    • @Kelly34 damn the two women in the middle got the most responses I wonder why?

  • Okay..what exactly are you trying to determine from the experiment?

    • Nothing really just want to see the mixed reactions/messages I would get :)

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  • What would this experiment accomplish? That looks, personality and money determine which girls are attracted to you? Ground-breaking, Nobel prize stuff you got there.

    • Who knows but I'm always hearing women say looks and money don't matter to them? But deep down it does if a women had a chance between a average looking guy, with an average income or a good looking guy with a high income, I'm willing to bet she'll pick the good looking one even if he was a complete jerk. BTW I didn't need the sarcasm at the end.

    • I'm just saying that the experiment isn't necessary. You won't learn anything new. Girls online are worse than girls in person in terms of shallowness and lying. If you make the exact same profile except show you sitting in an expensive car with all things the same, more girls will respond.

    • OK now I understood what you meant just sounded rude and a little insulting before all is good.

  • Your better off changing only one factor at a time. Either the picture, what you write/say, the income, ect. Its nothing new though, it has been done to death already if you look for it.

    • Really? Never knew that.

    • I have to agree with Kelly on both point he's made. The scientific method requires that you change only one variable from the control group to be sure that the result is caused by the changed variable. He's also correct that it's been done countless times in the name of "science".