Can I gauge some reaction for this?

So I was studying with a girl mate (nothing going on even if she's flirty - just friendly and its how she communicates, if that makes sense)

Anyway I digress, went to the shop firstly to get some coffee and met one of her other friends for the first time. I had no idea we were meeting her. I'm not going to lie, I do fancy her, she carries herself well.

So we went for a smoke break and we talking about dates - first dates, worst dates etc. At the end of the break, the girl in question said that she 'missed going out on dates' and then the mutual friend said, in a joking manner, that I should take her out on a date. To which the friend agreed in a joking yet awkward manner. We studied on that night and I felt chemistry between us, probably just me being hopeful.

Now usually I'm good at reading signs etc but this one has caught me off guard.

It is said that every joke has a seed of truth to it, so am I imaging things or is it possible she wants to date?

If so, how can I know? If not, it was just a joke like I first though right?



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  • Yes, go for it!

    • so do you think she was serious or just joking around? How can I tell the difference in the future?

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    • Right sorry to make this a running thing but I've been contacting this girl, same girl that called me 'really cute', been snapchatting etc but then when I asked her to add me to BBM, she snapchatted an answer but I didn't hear it (phone was on silent), I sent her a snapchat to saying the former but she hasn't resonded in 24 hours - did I do something wrong? Ps I thing her snapchat was a 'no' :-( I don't understand women at times man!

    • No, you're fine!

      Omg, really? Wow. See, I don't understand that. She seems very iffy. You didn't do anything wrong, she is the one who is a flirt, it seems like.

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