Is this weird for a girl to do on a first date?

So during the summer there was a girl I met off a dating site who came on pretty strong. She begged me to talk when I was busy or about to sleep, told me she'd rather be with me than in vegas while she was on vacation there, even asked for the 2nd date right after the first. I didn't mind her coming on strong as much because we had a lot in common and I found her to be very attractive.

Anyways, on the first date we went to a bar and it closed early. We just walked somewhere nearby and made out for awhile then after that she asked to go to my house which took me by surprise. That was the last thing on my mind.

Anyways as soon as we got to my house, she's like you have such a pretty looking house, then when we went into the basement she wandered around the room and looked at family photos that were on the shelves. I went by her and she's like I like looking at family photos then asked what my brothers names were and what they did, then she looked at some random pic of my mom and dad was like aww that's so cute.

She even wanted to come back to my house knowing I lived with my parents, but when I brought up that my parents wanted to meet her, she's like that's kinda soon and things went downhill from there. Weird thing was I told her if my parents meet her, don't tell them we met on a dating site and she said OK.

Do you think it's weird that she was asking to go to my place and checked out family photos when they weren't out in the open? I don't have the most experience with women, but out of all the girls I've gone on dates with, she's the only one that's done that.


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  • It's weird that she asked to go to your parents house but then didn't want to meet them, especially on a first date.

    • Yeah, even my mom was shocked that she asked to go to our house on the first date.

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    • But yeah the main reason I was concerned was because she left without an explanation. She started contacting the ex she complained to me about. I wasn't sure if it was the fact that she was on the rebound that she left or that I brought up the parents despite that. I just thought that because she asked to go to my parents house that soon and wanted to go to my friend's bonfire that she was already comfortable with meeting friends and family.

    • A little late now, but yeah it messed with my head big time. She said she wanted to take it slow on her profile, but everything she did suggested the opposite. It sounded like she was in love with me before we even met and I'm not in denial or anything. From now on though, I won't mention anything about parents until it becomes exclusive.

  • yeah its weird to ask to go to your parents house wtf

    • Yeah and the weird thing was she acted like I'm the one with issues for bringing up parents when she did that. I mean honestly, I wouldn't haven't even brought that up to her if she didn't ask to do that on the first date.

    • She could have had some ulterior motive, but still that was weird of her to do.

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