"I can't wait to see you again!"

I met a guy online. We chatted for a month & seemed to connect well. We texted & talked on the phone - sometimes talked for 2 hours each, multiple days Our first date was an NFL game. I had 4 tickets & told him to invite 2 of his siblings or buds! They were busy, so my parents came with us. He had no problem with that & we all had a good time! My parents were impressed with him & he with us! :)

Second date was this past Saturday night. Dinner & a movie. Since I'm more on the quiet & reserved side, he wanted me to talk more, which I did & we had a wonderful time! He played one of my favorite artists in his car on the way to dinner, said I looked beautiful & that I am classy & cultural. We talked through the end credits of the movie & when we were ready to go, he stood up & held his hand out to help me up.

Last night I told him I couldn't stop thinking about how much fun I had last night & he replies "yeah, I hope this doesn't sound creepy or weird, but I can't wait til see you again! :D"

Is he falling for me like I am too? What can I expect (and/or do to show more interest) for our 3rd date in 2 weeks?


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  • yeah I think he really really likes you actually! I think you should try and kiss him or something.

  • You're dating have fun. No you are not falling in love. You are falling in lust. Love can only happen after you have seen the worst of each other and come out the other side still wanting a realtionship. Real love takes a lot of time and work.