Kissing my girlfriend.

Ok so this is what's happening.

Me and my girlfriend has been going out for 1 month now, and today I just got back home from the movies with her. During the movie, we cuddled throughout the whole movie. I was to the left of her, she placed my right hand onto her left cheek a few times and I held my hand there. There were few moment's where we were cheek to cheek, but I hesitated to make my move to kiss her cause I thought the distance and positioning wasn't right. I even saw her close her eyes a few times for a few seconds. But maybe she positioned herself like that (her head/cheek on my cheek) to avoid the kissing. Then on the way home, we took the train. While waiting for the train, she put her arms around the neck I supposedly waiting for me to make my move? She also did this when we were in barnes and nobles around her friends when we were looking at books and when they had walked away from us.

Also after the first day that I took her to the movies, I don't remember if it was that day or if it was somewhere around that day, she texted me asking if I ever kissed anyone before. I said no, and she said "Oh, makes me see you a little bit differently now, in a good way though."

Also at the end of the first and second movie I took her to, at the end she would ask me if something was wrong when nothing was wrong. This made me think that she thinks I just wanted to get on that and that I was disappointed that I didn't get to that day.

She has kissed guys before, and I haven't had my first kiss yet.

We don't have any problems being psychically in contact, we're not shy about it.

Is she waiting for me to make a move?

Does she want me to kiss her?

Does she want me to not kiss her?

Do she think I'm disappointed cause I didn't get to kiss her after the movie?

Will she leave me because I haven't kissed her yet?

^my questions, but also id like to hear your thoughts on this situation.

When she kissed me on my cheek today, for the first time I went in for the kiss today, she backed up extremely quick.


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  • Definitely sounds to me like she wants you to kiss her. Next time you get a chance, just go for it :)

    • Can you say why it seems like she wants to?

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    • What were some things you did that she is doing?

    • The cheek to cheek thing mostly. Then all you would have to do is turn towards her and you'd practically be kissing her already :) I can't remember if I did the thing where she held your hand to her face. But trust me, this girl wants you to kiss her. I'm 99% sure haha

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  • Maybe she was just surprised that you actually responded that time. You should talk to her and ask her what she's thinking/feeling. That's the best thing you can do.

    • I told her that I was sorry and that I won't do it ever again and she said "lolllsss! its not that, I just didn't want to today. my mood sometimes relates to the weather. crappy weather, crappy mood." and I responded with, "well I'm sry anyways, I don't do it again." and she said, "Dont worry about it"

    • She also gave me a lot of eskimo kisses, mixing up signals. That was one reason why I actually went in for the kiss. After I had failed, she continued with the eskimo kisses.

    • Well don't not try it ever again. Maybe wait a few more days, or until a sunny day :) and try again. If she pulls back again talk to her. Find out why she's really pulling away. But don't give up just because she pulled back once. Also since she said she just wasn't in the mood today.

  • she totally wants you to kiss her! the next time...make your move and kiss her!


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  • I'm not too sure about most of the questions, but the fact that she said it was a good thing that you hadn't kissed anyone yet makes me believe that she understands you are nervous and will give you some leeway, and won't leave you just because you don't kiss her immediately. I think she's glad to find out that you haven't, because she understands why you haven't yet.

  • OBVIOUSLY she wants to kiss! Why else would she make ten thousand hints for it? Next chance you get, make your move! lmao

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