Why are there so many questions on interracial dating?

Particularly from African American girls. If people are so "open" to dating them why do they ask so many questions about getting a white guys attention?

I'm just curious


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  • Probably because some people think that just because someone is a different race, it must mean they are a different species. So many people say, "how do I know if a white guy likes me?" or "how do black guys act around girls they like?" when in reality, a man is a man regardless of his race and will typically act and behave the same way when they like someone.

    Then there are some people who don't get the results they want in real life so they come online and try to get other people's views in order to validate that men of a certain race will date women of their race (or vice versa).

    I mean, to be totally honest, while the number of interracial relationships are increasing, it's still not very common when taking into account the majority of the human race. Most people still date within their own race for whatever reason. And I suppose some people just desperately want to be with men/women of one particular race and are disappointed if they can't find someone of that race who is interested in dating them.

    There are some people who are open to dating other races but there are still many people who are not open to it for a multitude of reasons. I think it can be difficult for some people to tell if someone of another race would be interested in dating them so they come on here and ask about it. I think that's where all the questions about it stem from.


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  • There are a huge number of AA girls who will never get married or have an LTR. I can't quote the statistics off the top of my head..but there are many , many lonely AA girls out there.


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  • (there's no way to say this without offending someone but I'm gonna try). I honestly think interracial dating is this new thing that's still fairly recent so everyone's trying to get a handle on how it's happening like it's some difficult thing. so the questions are probably coming from an unconscious need to figure out exactly how it works, even though clearly it's simple.

    also, demographically, there are more interracial relationships that involve a non-black woman than relationships involving a black woman. I think I read somewhere that there are more relationships in general with non-black woman than black woman… they may be asking because they want to try it, or because they want to see what's so interesting about it. also, black men don't have the greatest reputations in the world, but I blame television for that. it differs from person to person why. personally, I love black love, but I would not be opposed if a non-black guy was really awesome and nice and attractive and cool, I'm all over that. it's just people I guess.

  • There's a question about interracial issues or related dating at least once a day or twice.

    They got sick of their own kind and want to try someone different.