What's the best way to break things off before you're really dating

I met a guy on Match and we've been talking for over a month through various means. We went the friends route and have only met in person once. The guy really annoys me. He calls and talks nonstop for an hour, not really having a conversation... He texts frequently, sends me snapchats, tweets, etc... All about him, his day, stupid commercials on tv, etc. we rarely have actual conversation, it's like a series of pokes saying "Hey! gimme attention!"

How can I end things if we aren't even dating and are just mildly friends?


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  • See, I told a guy that I tried to kill myself by drinking myself to death. I'd supposedly been in 72hr hold, which is why I had not spoken to him in 3 days. Then I told him that I was moving to Japan to go live with an aunt and to get way from my family that was causing severe mental anguish. . . I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS!


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  • Just tell him the truth. You have lost interest and have moved on. Ask him kindly to do the same and stop contacting you. :)

    • So you don't think he's just bored and is looking for some kind of friend?

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    • It seems meaner to say you aren't interested in being friends with someone than to say you don't want to date them.

    • Well then if your OK with having an annoying friend with no meaningful conversation then go for it!

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  • tell him

  • Many ways:

    - Be blunt and tell him that you are not interested

    - Tell him you started seeing someone else

    - Change your number

    - Slowly tell him you're busy and stop talking calls as frequently until he gets the hint

    - Tell him you just realized you were a lesbian, lol