Do women mean it when they say a guy can date others?

So, there is a woman in church who is slightly older than me (I am 39 and she will be 41 next month). She is a great gal in a lot of ways: smart, athletic, great heart. But, if I want kids, I am concerned about her age.

In the meantime, there are other women in the group who are interested in me (and vice versa). One is much younger (30) and has a lot of great qualities, too. In fact, she was brave enought to ask me out, which, for me, is a turn on.

The first one said I could date other women. But, my friends think she is not serious when she says this.

Any insights?


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  • well I think she's serious. if she said that before you could even say what you wanted out of the relationship.

    • I am the one who said that I was not necessarily looking for something serious.

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    • Well yeah I think your therapist has a good idea

    • Fine. I will go with that.

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  • I think it's a bad idea, I had a girl tell me I could date other girls (we weren't even going out it was more of a 'thing') I told her that I wasn't going to since she'd be pissed. She was adamant that she wouldn't and that I should go with my ex (who had been showing interest in me on a night out), she even offered to go with someone else so I'd not feel weird about it, she hooked up with a random guys literally a minute later, so I ended up kissing my ex and wouldn't you know, she was pissed at me for doing it. She also told all her friends I was ad***and she still seems to have an attitude over it. I said why'd you tell everyone that, when you made such a big deal of getting me to do it in the first place? She just said she didn't know and she knows I'm not a bad guy. I was just like, pfft whatever... I ended up back with my ex who I'd kissed.