Is it rude to not want to make weekend dates at first?

I am recently single and dating some new people. It seems like most guys want to set up dates on Fri-Sun. I find this unusual, because before, most guys did weekday dates at the beginning.

Also, the guys are asking up on my plans for the weekend. Or they'll text and ask what I'm doing. It might be a pet peeve, but I don't think it's their business if we aren't a couple.

I just want my weekends free to do stuff I had a hard time doing when I was in a relationship - hang with friends, catch up on reading/movies, just hang out alone, etc.

Is it rude to say I only want weekday dates?

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  • I generally start out with weekday dates unless I have to ask for a weekend date. What you should do if you're interested is tell them that you're busy and then counteroffer to do something during a day of the week. That way they will still know that you're interested.


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  • i think its kind of rude but its a choice you have so they should respect it.

  • i think they want to meet up on the weekend as a lot of people are too busy in school or work during the week. but just say "I am busy this weekend can we meet up during the week" if they ask you for a date on the weekend.

    • They keep asking me what I'm doing. I'm not sure why, but it makes me uncomfortable. Do I have to tell them? I barely know these guys.

    • ayou don't have to tell them anything you don't want to. but if you do want a date you can't be too bitchy. so I would just say something like "getting together with my friends..gonna be really busy!" or something

    • I agree. I wish they just wouldn't text intrusive questions, though! Thanks!

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