Help Kissing please.......?

Im 17 and I've been going out with this guy for almost two months now (Idunno if this is relevant). He's my first boyfriend so I had my first kiss with him. Lately he has been determined to kiss me with tongue. The first time he did it I was shocked and couldn't move so he was basically licking my lips...He hasn't had a chance to try again but he told me he's going to. I don't know how to kiss back and already tried looking up tips on YouTube LOL. Help pleaseee.


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  • It's pretty simple. :)

    When he goes in for the tongue kiss, part your lips(if they aren't already) and his should be too. Now you can tongue kiss one of two ways: his tongue in your mouth or yours in his. Now I'm going to assume that it'll be the former and not the ladder. So just move your tongue against his. There are very many different ways to move your tongue. Don't lap at his like a puppy, you can just grind yours against his. The more you do it, the more you get the hang of it and discover different techniques.

    My boyfriend loves tongue kissing over closed mouth kisssing. So the first time we kissed each other (it was neither of our firsts) he put his tongue in his mouth and it startled the crap out of me lol.

    I'm assuming that you've made out with your boyfriend before? :)

    • thanks for the tip :3

      but no we've never made out our lips would press together but that's it...

    • No problem. :)

      Since you've never made out with him before, then if you really want to drive him crazy, run your fingers through his hair. If he has a buzz cut or hair that isn't long enough, then gently run your nails up and down his back or on the back of his neck. My boyfriend loves it. :)

      And when you get comfortable enough to do it, slip your hand into his back pocket. :)

    • woww thankss :D that was really helpful!

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  • Just wait till he kisses you "down there!"


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  • What she said lol the first time my friend tried it on me I was grossed out cause he was slobbery lmao but I guess you just have to just go with it and you'll get the hang of it