Do you prefer dating a beautiful woman or a less beautiful woman?

To be honest, I wouldn't want to date an extremely beautiful woman. If one wanted to have sex with me, I'd agree. But a relationship with a beautiful woman looks like too much work. No offense to you attractive females here.

I'd rather date a less beautiful woman because I would be confident dating her. What about you?


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  • Hot people tend to be over confident. When people always tell you look good, it goes to their head.

    • Over confidence is very unattractive.

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  • So are you saying you would rather date someone who is less attractive than yourself because it makes you feel more confident? Interesting.

    What is it about "beautiful" women that seem like "more work" to you?

    Well, everyone has a preference and I guess this is yours. It's not a big deal, date who you want.

    • She has too many options, men will hit on her too much, and I flat out don't want other men drooling over a woman I'm dating.

What Guys Said 3

  • Personally, I don't mind an average looking girl with a big heart

  • I would also date such a woman if I could but she has to be very specific.

  • Either one is fine by me.

    If you're referring to the "work" as having to constantly wonder if she's getting hit on or if she's going to leave you, then that is your own insecurity at work. This insecurity isn't fair to others because it makes you associate with people that unknowingly cater to your fears and insecurities. Having a girl that you "settle" for is selfish and low, if you think about it.

    I'd suggest working on these issues before your insecurities start affecting others around you.

    • It might be insecurity. But I would rather date a woman I can trust. I don't trust attractive women when it comes to relationships.

    • Oh and It's not "settling" if I actually like the woman. Looks aren't everything dude.

    • No, looks aren't everything. That's precisely why I said either one is fine by me ;)

      And when you're choosing someone that doesn't make you uncomfortable with attention she gets from guys, and someone that doesn't make you distrustful based on her looks (and not her actions) alone...that is settling my friend. You seem to think that settling only applies to a person's looks.

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