Flirt over text and 'friends' at college?

I've never understood why guys generally flirt with me through text or online, and then act like we haven't even messaged each other when they see me at college? Why do guys do this?


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  • It's a lot easier to flirt over text. You have more time to come up with something witty or funny. You don't have to worry about your body language. There's basically no pressure. For instance...

    "Hey, good looking. ;)"

    Via text, that's easy. In person, it takes a much more skillful presentation to avoid just sounding weird or cheesy.


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  • oh don't worry about this.

    this always happens.

    guys are like that, even some girls.

    is true that is easier to flirt over texting

    because is not the same that saying all those things in your face right?