Going out while dating.

Is it bad or wrong that I get a little nervous/worried/jealous when my boyfriend hangs out or gets dinner with another girl? No matter if they have a boyfriend or not? I guess no wonder I don’t feel like I’m good enough for him.


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  • A tad weird that you boyfriend goes on dinner dates with his supposed girl "friends" and there bfs are cool with it.

    If it isn't an issue for him to go to dinner with them, why can't you tag along?... I'm pretty sure you would get along with the other people..

    You need to speak to him to tell him how this makes you feel.

    • Well, here's the catch. It's a long distance relationship, so I can't. He went to dinner, movie, and just around shopping with a friend/old coworker before she moved about a month ago. This time it's his old manager because she's going to another store. Sooo I don't know.

    • uh huh. So just don't worry about it. But if you start noticing distance between you too. Then you should prepare yourself for the worst. Just be cool and don't worry, I'm sure there is nothing to worry about.

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