What do I do about this guy I like?

Here's the back story: I met this guy last year. Eventually we started talking and we became close friends and we were being flirty and he even nicknamed me and I nicknamed name him. we were cupcake and muffin. I started sitting with him and his friends at lunch everyday at school and we texted everyday. After a few weeks, maybe a month of this, its almost like over the weekend he changed into this like total jerk. I just figured he was having a bad day but within the next couple of days he told me he got a girlfriend and I was hurt. I thought him and I were talking. Well school ended and he graduated and we didn't have any contact after that.

(I was single at this time)

------MONTHS LATER--------

Here's what's going on now: Sunday I got a new message on KIK and it was from him, and he added me on Facebook. This was cool, I was happy to hear from him. He then gave me his number and we started texting again. Everything is good so far. We are texting and flirting again. He even called me and talked to me on the phone last night. :)

(I am single now)

------HERE'S THE PROBLEM--------

This is where I am confused. I don't know what to do. I don't know if I should go for it and try to get close to him or if I should just expect the worst and friend zone him...or should I just go with the flow? I don't know what to do. I am so confused. I don't know if he is for real about wanting me or not. help?


we started making plans to hang out last night. we were going to hang out Saturday but I found out today that he has to work so we are rescheduling for next weekend.

He kept texting me sad and crying faces and I kept trying to cheer him up and he said that he can't cheer up because he isn't with me and he couldn't be happy because he couldn't see me this weekend even though he really wants to.


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  • You should move on. He had his chance with you. He disrespected you for no reason and found a girl who he thought was better. Now that it hasn't worked out for him for whatever reason, he has come back to you.

    He has come back because he thinks he can get back into your good books easily like you must be some kind of pushover.

    He disrespected you last time for no reason when he found another girl and he will do it again. Guys like this are always looking to upgrade because they are insecure. You shouldn't allow yourself to be the girl that guys come running to after it doesn't work out with the girl they wanted.

    YOU should BE the girl that the guys want in the first place. Never be someone's second or third choice. You are way too good for that.

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What Girls Said 1

  • i think that he used you as a back up plan and he is usign you again, or its a big possibility actually. I would just test him, see how much he cares and how much he remembers of what I tell him. then if he wants people o se eus in public or not.

    • yea this time he actually added me on Facebook which he didn't last time...so I guess that's a step forward...but yet we started making plans to hang out Saturday but he has to work...ima see where everything goes...

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