Ex met someone else, so I mutually broke things off with her. Yet her contact rate with me skyrocketed.

Typical story, ex (didnt cheat - that I know of) talked to me about how she had feelings for someone else blah blah... a few weeks later I tell her I can't play her game of waiting and mutually break things off with her. We agree to be friends and such.

So now she texts me more - like she used to before she was being distracted by this other man. 6am texts... lunchbreak texts etc stuff that she stopped doing about 3 weeks ago.

Does she feel bad or is she missing out on the D? I am also semi following "no contacting" rules but Its more of a reduced contact I wait many hours to reply to her or whatever and it drives her nuts! she will double text me If I take too long

(and I'm liking it!)

I still care for her and would like her back but I'm not going to grovel for it. What would you do? Do you think I'm being alil harsh? Or the reduced contact and *purposeful* delayed texts (2-3 hour gaps) is what she deserves?

-Did I mention next weekend I'm going to a bar with a few of her girlfriends and a couple people on my ring that she doesn't know? :D And yes there will be a few Facebook pictures posted haha!


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  • You did the right thing. Don't cave. She does not get to explore her options while being in a monogamous relationship. That isn't how monogamous relationships work. Too bad if she regrets the decision that she made. She went shopping for a replacement for a reason. Who is to say that she isn't going to do it again if you took her back?

    You should move on and find someone who values you. Have fun at the bar, and enjoy yourself. :)


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