Guys, when you call a girl beautiful, do you mean it?

I went out on a second date with a guy last Saturday. We met online - he started talking to me first and gave me his number. I really like him and we talk a lot, whether it be texting or talking on the phone. Our first date was an NFL game...with my parents, which he had no problem with! (His siblings/friends weren't able to go!) They like him and he likes them!

As we sat down to eat dinner at a restaurant, on our date, he commented "You're so beautiful," with kind of a dazed look in his eye and the softest, kindest smile. He's a real gentleman and he also calls me classy and cultural. :)


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  • yes I only say it if I mean it

  • No. When we tell a girl they're beautiful, we really mean they're ugly. It's just a thing we do. Just because we like to mess with girl's minds. We like to make them think one thing when we really mean the opposite.

    • I'm being sarcastic BTW

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    • Sounds like you have a keeper, and he seems great. Just not sure what the question is? If it's if we mean it when we tell a girl she's beautiful, well yes. Why wouldn't we? (just felt like being sarcastic since the question seemed a bit silly).

      However it sounds more like your just happy and want to share the news? If that's the case then congrats on finding a good guy. Hope it works out. But it's not really a question?

    • I'm just wondering if he means it...I mean would a guy say that to someone if he didn't mean it? Thanks...I'm hoping! :)

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