Casual exclusive dating, break-up advice?

I was seeing a guy casually for two months - exclusively. He didn't want to see anyone else and eventually, nor did I.

When we started seeing each other more often (2-3 times a week) and texting/talking daily, I wondered what we were doing. We both seemed to be steadily investing more.

One night he referred to me as his girlfriend at dinner and took me off-guard. I asked him later what we were doing and he said 'hanging out, being together - I'm not ready for a relationship...'. Something in me just felt irritated. He basically wanted to keep the intensity and exclusive catch-ups, but no room for growth - and also no seeing anyone else.

I broke it off and he got angry saying 'why fix/change something that isn't broken!?'.

Anyway he called to talk me out of it and to continue with what we had but I felt like he was waiting for a better option or using me and I couldn't do it once I felt that way.

He left his phone charger at my place and I offered for him to pick it up but he had gym, also I think he wanted an excuse to come over. So I told him I'd just post it to him and I did.

Today he texted me saying 'hey I received the charger, thankyou :) xxo'. And I don't know why, but it p*ssed me off. It's like he doesn't give a sh*t and got what he wanted. I didn't reply and I won't ever again.

If I do hear from him again, am I best to continue ignoring him?


  • No matter what - Do not respond.
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  • If he is back in touch just see how you feel at the time...
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  • yes ignore him,hes a selfish douche bag

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