FWB turned love interest.

Now I know this is probably a common scenario for many. I was currently friends with benefits with this guy for years. I haven't talked to him in a while and he popped out of nowhere. He always has popped up out of nowhere and has always liked me. I have never felt the same. The problem is I've developed feelings now. I just recently saw him and we did our thing and then he finally texted me a few days after and just said "Hey"..so I replied an hour later "hey". Then there was no conversation after. So days went by I did my own thing but then I texted him asking for my shirt that I left there that I absolutely loved. So he said sure he'll get it to me when he's in my area so whatever I went on with my day. Then later on he texted me asking me if I had fun the other night? I replied yes, you? and he said yea but I didn't feel the same chemistry as last time. Then the conversation was cut short because my phone broke because of a stupid malfunction virus. So I texted him back the next morning with my new phone no answer. Then the week and weekend went by nothing so I texted him asking for my shirt back he said sure he'll get it to me during the week that was Sunday. Then I didn't hear anything from him when he was bringing the shirt etc. Then I messaged him again on Social media nothing finally he got back to me later on in the wee hours of the morning and I woke up to his message saying he didn't intentionally stop talking to me and that his eye was infected sick etc. UGH! So I texted him back in the morning saying I was laid back but I don't like to be ignored especially when I've done nothing wrong. Then he said I was too intense rushing the beginning of anything relationship wise. Then I explained that I developed feelings and he said how could he have developed feelings already let alone tell me if he did. So I gave him my explanation as to why and how we've been friends with benefits for so long talking etc. I want to get to know you better not your body and then nothing. Finally hours later he texted me asking if I wanted him to put my shirt in his mailbox? I said sure but only if planned on not hanging out again because it wasn't close to get there and I wasn't gonna drive all the way out there for nothing. He said the same to me which is why I haven't gotten my damn shirt back yet. So in closing now that you have history. Do you think this guy really does like me and just isn't sure? Or am I wasting my time with this whole situation? Help :(


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  • FORNICATOR FORNICATOR FORNICATOR PUMPKIN GRATER! If you have feelings for your friends with benefits you should just marry them and that's all there is to it No offense but I'm kind of getting sick and tired of you girls just having these kinds of issues. Nothing personal

    • ok but I say I want to date and he calls me controlling and crazy. he just disappears and reappears. What should I do? I am tired of playing these stupid games. I know what I want and I am upfront about it.

    • Maybe you should just stop talking to him it seems like he has other love interests

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