Would this be a deal break for you out there?

I'm dating this guy, and I really like him. Only problem is his breath. Most the time he has bad breath, not like horrible, but it's definitely different and noticeable. He is a smoker but he plans on quitting some time in the future. Would this be a deal break for you out there?

Even if he doesn't smoke everyday, on the days he doesn't smoke could the smoking be the cause of the bad breath?
I broke up with him a few days ago! Haha. Not for this though. Other reasons.


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  • Offer him gum. I hate to be this petty but yes. I could not date a guy with bad breath. I love to kiss and that is the worse. Eww.

    • MANNN I LOVE TO KISS TOO!. But it's only bad sometimes. Like twice. Still ewwww.

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  • Tell him about it because that's not fair to you and maybe he's not aware of his yucky mouth. I dated a guy that didn't like to brush his tongue and it was disgusting. I'd gag every time he went to kiss me and eventually I broke up with him.

  • Haha well good for you! Although I don't know you, I'm sure you can do MUCH better!