Anyone experienced the same thing as I am?

Dating a older man who has show a lot of interess and suddently after one great date he completly backs out and runs ..

Telling me age is his biggest issue but he does like me , and wants to stay in touch..and he won't delete me

Obviously I got mad and told him I can't sit around and wait for him cause why would I and I delete him..

but than I had to take some time to think and I wrote him telling him how I was mad and hurt and if he could just think about the situation cause I do like him

and he basically told me that his life is chaotic now with work and buying his own place and he needs time to straighten up those things, but he does absolutley want to see what can happen between us and he thinks I'm great but he needs to fix up his mess first..

I totally understand that but I don't know if I should wait for him to contact me or is it okay to talk to him again,

Ive read a lot online saying guys sometimes do get stressed and need some time alone and when they have cleared their minds they will come out and talk to you..


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  • I wouldn't hope on any of this.

    If problems are arising from the start then things will continue to be shaky unless straightened out.

    At this point, I would continue to keep my options open (for dating), but have him in mind.

    I would contact him but it would be every now and then.

    I would leave this all up to him since he is the one having difficulty with this in the first place.

    I would also let him know that I am still interested.

    But he cannot expect you to wait forever, especially when things at this point are uncertain.


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  • True, but they won't break up with you while we go off to our caves so to speak. I mainly date woman in their early 20s now, and age has never been an issue, so any man that tells you that it is is just using that as a convenient excuse to distance himself from you. I don't know what's up with him, but something clearly is. You should move on.

    • As I mentioned , he said that the stress in his life is a problem with living at his parents and trying to talk with the bank for a loan to buy a new place etc.

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    • He's 28? Then the age difference isn't that much. I thought about 40 when I heard older man.

    • I agree. I don't think that his age has any bearing on why he's acting the way that he is.

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  • Honestly, I date older guys (at least "older" in the sense you mean) and I've never had that issue. I usually have that issue with guys my age (early 20s).

    • Well um thinking the guys you date have their lives in order ? House and work .? This guy has mentioned before that once he finds his own place I can come to him ..