So, online dating kinda sucks. Thoughts?

So I live in Vegas so the majority of things to do are casino's, clubs or partying. And I'm not into any of them anymore or never have been.

My main hobby is off roading so meeting any girls who are into baja racing or who actually ride dirtbikes seems like finding gold out here because this city seems to be full of stuck up egotistical superficial girls. This is to answer what could be said in what my main post relates too.

Is it me or do girls blow things out of proportion when reading about me's? It's kinda sad I even have to make a dating site to meet someone, but being that as I stated above.. I'm not out in public much and dating anyone from work or being friends with people at worst winds you up being fired over jealousy conflicts at work. But should you just not really say anything or just say nothing on your profile because it seems stating what you are about and what you don't like seems to get a negative response from girls and take it like I'm saying it to them. But when you read their profile they're completely throwin out double standards with the expectations they set. But I'm an a**hole and they're an angel. Wtf? Girls seem to be more mean over online dating and picky.


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  • Online dating for girls is just another piece of social media. It's a Facebook for them but instead of wall posts, it's a bunch of messages from desperate guys that they can come home to. So she can feel better at the end of a "hard work day" and see "You're so pretty" "You're beautiful" and all that bullsh*t.

    I've met girls from online when I used to be active on it but it was such a chore. In my area, there's a crapload of "high standard" girls who fake the hell out of their profiles. One girl I was gonna meet made it look like she worked so hard and made a lot of money and I got her to spill out the real details of her job and it ends up that she lives with her dad and barely makes 100 a week. As for all the others... teacher wannabes galore! Like every 3 profiles is another girl who is a teacher, or in school to be a teacher. My last girlfriend was from pof... in school to be a teacher. I see teacher wannabes all over online dating.

    Now honestly, when I had a "casual" profile, I got first messages every so often. When I had a detailed profile, barely anything at all. Every so often a desperate fat girl would message me and I'd just ignore it. From my experiences, writing a little just to show you're not a bot was the way to go. But the problem is, these girls are either never serious about a relationship, or they just like endless emails without every meeting. So some I'd meet and the rest just wanted to chat online. I put a 5 message limit on each and if no phone number I'd write her off as another endless emailer. Never meet without a phone number! You can get stood up with no means of knowing. If she won't give out her number because she's "afraid," she's just a narcissist who thinks that everybody wants her. It's a cup of coffee, not a marriage proposal.

    The biggest obstacle is getting these sociophobes out of the internet land and into the flesh. I'd have a well written profile, message a girl, and when I'd suggest a meet she'd claim "I want to get to know you better" and I'd be thinking "Did you not read a thing in my profile WTF?" So while you may see a lot of girls complaining about guys online... they honestly are probably the ones who are the headcases themselves. I tried meeting one of those girls who had a "Don't play games" type of ranting profile and she ended up being the one playing the games when I was getting ready to go meet at our scheduled time just to get a text message saying that she has class. I'm thinking "How the hell do you not know that you have class when you schedule to meet somebody?"

    • Hahahahahahahah so true. I honestly think girls are more shallow online then guys are. Because just to prove a point. I threw my standards out the window just to see how a 5 would act. And they act like they are some super star and I should worship the ground she walked on. I'm wondering if only attention whores make the profiles and like you said have no intention of a relationship. And ya it does seem like they all lie about thier jobs. And expect us to be 6'+ lol

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  • online dating is harder because you don't get to know the person, so people tend to rely more on there idea of what a perfect partner would be and this leads them to reject people they might otherwise really like. The same probably happens on the part of men. Its something to keep in mind when dating online and remember to be open about the people you would possibly be interested in unless there are serious differences in values or moral standards.

    • I think I'm pretty humble when judging off looks or when it comes to compromising on things. But feel I'm the only one doing it. It's kinda hard to believe vegas really doesn't have anyone out here for me. But then again no one really smiles out here. So I guess less would be more on the about me lol.

    • There will be someone out there. They are simply harder to find.

  • It's not working for me. I don't like putting myself out there just to represent myself. It's just an online thing. I just don't have a good experience with it at all!

    • But if you don't put yourself out there you won't be found.

    • true that and I've become really tired cos of it you know.

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  • I agree a lot with theguyoverthere

    IMO - online dating (for guys) is a fools game. Unless you are willing to abandon your standards and date well below what you are used to. Its a bonanza of fatties, cougars who lie about their ages, and single moms with $$ problems looking for someone to help bail them out of the mess they made for themselves.

    The handful of decent ones get pounded with so many messages they either can't keep up, or let all the comments from the slack-jawed suckups they would never date anyway to get to their heads and start believing they are some kind of elite undiscovered supermodel and decide they are going to hold out for perfection even though they aren't perfect themselves.

    I suggest the OP to keep to the real world and continue to explore your personal interests and eventually you will meet like-minded people, and who knows - maybe that special lady? His main hobby (off roading) is a good one to have! But surely he could diversify his interests and explore new ones if the off-roading scene isn't helping him meet women. Maybe explore rock climbing and other outdoor activities as well?

    • I completely agree. Girls expect us to be bullet proof and super confident. But yet we never get appreciated to the point it's reinforced. We have to build our own based of the type of women we get. So to drop my standards to see if you can hold a conversation and you swear you're talking to some stuck up model but she's no were close to being one. Something is wrong. Online dating sucks then. More hobbies and just throw it in dgaf mode till I meet someone in person like I'm used to.

  • They aren't worth the effort. F***'em.