Is he cutting me off in a polite way?

This guy and I met on a dating site - we have chemistry and we click very well and he wanted a girlfriend. We were intimate and he was gonna cut me off but then he met my mom and told all these good things about me : pretty, sweet, nice, smart, etc...We had a fight - my mom helped us out and spoke to him and he then comes explaining to me and my mom how he changed his mind about wanting a girlfriend because of a health problem and because of a stressful job - he's an accountant and 27 years old by the way and I'm 24...

and a week after meeting my mom he's suffering from high blood pressure and saying that he almost had a stroke and that he doesn't want to talk to anyone until he heals and that the doctor told him not to see or speak to anyone...he said for me not to be mad and that he's still my friend

Is he bull shitting me and trying to cut me off in a smooth way? (he told my mom that he's not cutting me off but idk)

and do doctors tell their pateients not to talk to anyone or stress if they nearly had a stroke?

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p.s he tells me about not wantng a girlfriend in general and that he gt ery sick and that he couldn't handle having a girlfriend after we had sex


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  • His doctor told him not to see or speak to anyone? Does that mean he's not going into work until he's all healed up?

    • he took a leave of absence from his work

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    • so you think he will keep the friendship then?

    • That, I can't say. If you keep in contact, perhaps. But people do tend to drift.

  • He's full of crap. The 1st thing that popped in my head is he wants to get you in the sack but doesn't want any commitment or wanting you to get attached.

    No normal doctor will tell a patient not to get in, pursue or leave a relationship or not to talk or see anyone. Lose this guy, he's full of it.

    • This is what I would think, but he's taking it awfully far if it's a lie.

    • Hey, some people will string along for years if they can get what they want & the other person lets them get away with it. I have very hi BP & in no way does that affect my RL in any way.

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