Breakup for a guy?

Would it change the guy? My ex went good to bad, always online to never online, hung out with the wrong people, hit on random girls? What gives?

We only went out for 3 months.


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  • after my boyfriend cheated on me and we broke up. we only dated for 2 months, but had been on and off before that. I did everything and anything with guys, I started smoking, drinking, not eating.. I'm alright now. but I had such a low self esteem I just didn't care anymore...

    maybe he really liked you.

    • How long did you do that for? Would you talk to your ex in the meantime?

    • Took me about 4 months when I found a lovely guy :). I talked to him maybe once or twice, but I could barely face seeing him.

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  • I just broke up recently and it certainly hurts even though it was a short relationship. I still love her, but we're only friends. I eat less, feel more depressed, and can't sleep as well at all. I'm also not as motivated to take care of myself.


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  • I think break ups are the same for both guys and girls, but girls tend to be more open to sharing how they feel about it. Your ex may be trying to get your attention with his behaviour, at least that is the impression I get.

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