Busy or not interested?

I'm dating this guy. Only 2 non dates and 2 official dates. All dates have been great. He complimented me, paid for things, sent me a text later saying we had a lot of fun with emoticons, we had a great time. We haven't kissed, just hugged. I also found out he has started telling his friends we are dating. I asked him out this weekend for the 3rd date, but he said he couldn't go Because he had tickets to a game both days. Is he blowing me off or is this a legitimate excuse? I feel that when a girls asks you out, you can at least offer an alternate plan some other date to make her feel appreciated and not like you are blowing her off.


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  • From your description I don't think he is blowing you off. He may have bought those tickets before you started dating. As far as the alternative date he may not have thought about that right now. He may be low on funds or ideas too.

    Do y'all communicate outside of dates e.g. text or Skype etc or is the only time you talk is when you set up a date or are on the date?


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  • girls can be stupid.

    If he's busy then find something else to do

    if he's worth his salt you can have an honest conversation with him regarding concerns

    men like Direct communication. It's how we talk to each other.

  • firstly, I don't think he's blowing you off. 2nd we guys are kind of going-with-the-flow people, we don't plan much in advance.. so he will text you/call you when he's free. Don't think too much.

  • I agree with you with the fact that he could offer an alternative plan, but it's really hard to judge wether if he is interested or not, only time can tell the truth. You've been kind of rejected, try to overcome your bad mood (take some fresh air, do some sport..) , you are confused now and you are asking the wrong questions. Only time can tell the truth, give him space, and let him take the next move :)


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