Why would he let me know this?

This guy I'm dating, recently told me has some chaos in his life, he lives with his parents at the moment cause he just moved to their town and he is house hunting..

He already own a house but not in the same town and he is looking for a second home to buy and he is talking with his bank about a loan, anyways he told me this information after he first told me our age difference was a big deal and he is unsure if he wants to date me cause he wants to settle down etc..than again he told me about chaos in his life, like I mentioned above, he said he thinks I'm great and absolutley want to see where this goes..

why would he let me know about him talking to the bank and all ?

does this mean tht we are dating or not ? confused.. should I give him some time?


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  • You're over thinking it probably, I mean if that's what is happening in his life it's what he will talk about. People do generally just talk about their day to day happenings, it doesn't have to mean something or suggest anything. As for whether you're dating him or not, if you're still meeting up with him and doing dating type things then you're dating him. If you just see him and essentially act life friends, you're just friends. He is most likely still unsure about it, I seriously doubt he would tell you he's unsure then drop a hint that he wants to involve you in something very major very shortly after.

    • So is he into me or ?

    • Well he must be interested in you to at least be dating you... Although saying if it's because he wants to date a younger girl for some fun or because he wants something more serious is a lot harder to know from this information. Although I think, if he has doubts it would be because he does see issues in it being viable. As in he may very well think you're too young for him or you may not be his type in the end.

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