He's not interested in me?

This guy that I like, he likes me... We exchanged numbers and he text me first. It's clearly not going anywhere. We arranged to meet up a couple of times and he completely disregarded the texts after and just asked how my day went. Also he replied like almost a day later. He text me last- but with no question or nothing like that. I don't get it? He was the one who always checked me out and I am an attractive girl and I get lots of attention from men. Why does he not like me? I'm not boring either. He's definitely not involved with anyone else. I should just ignore him from now on but a part of me wants to say: you're so boring and this isn't going anywhere. I only wanted fun with him not a relationship. He doesn't know about this of course. Help please? :-(


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  • Be more patient dearest.

    • My plan is to not text him at all... See if he messages me again?

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    • If you're not going to message him at all, then start now and stop thinking about him all together! No better time like the present.

    • Yes true. It's just that I liked him for months

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