Ladies have your ever dated a guy who changed his mind on you or was it too late for him?

Like lets say one day you've like a guy for the longest, so you confess your feelings to him that you want to come out of the friend zone and be his girlfriend, but at first he kindly told you, right now he's not dating anyone, so he doesn't really know if he wants to take things to another level with you other than just friends.

Then a few weeks later, he calls you and apologizes to you for breaking your heart, cause after he had time to adjust his feelings and think real good, he finally came to see that he also has the same feelings for you and wants to give it a shot and from then on you and him became a couple. The whol epoint of what I'm trying to say is, is it always too late for a guy if he change his mind on a girl after he rejected her at first.

I hope a girls pride is not too big to accept a second chance with him after at first, he didn't shared the same feelings with her, knowing most of the time when a guy confess his feelings towards a girl and when she turn him down at first, after she change her mind on him, and wants to date him, he'll still agree it.


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  • Nope. If she really likes him then it won't matter. He (I'm not sure if you're the girl of guy lol) was honest and there is nothin wrong with that. It actually shows he's mature enough to decline when he isn't sure and he had sometime to think about it and obviously is sure about it now. That's actually even more exciting and romantic in my book. So if your the dude go for it! Tell her. And if your the girl. Take him. Best of luck.

    • I wish more girls where like you.

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    • It was more of a "haha I wish" not actually laughing @ your question.

  • I went through a situation like this. I continually told the guy that I wanted to be in a relationship, and he continually told me he wanted to use me for sex because if he wanted a girlfriend he would have already had one. I waited a year and a half for him to come around and he didn't. If I got a phone call from him now, I would reject him completely. I wasn't his first choice and he didn't see value in me, so why would he suddenly have an epiphany and want to be with me? It wouldn't happen. He lost his chance.


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