What is wrong with this guy I'm dating?

So I've been going out with this guy for about 4 months now and he is all clingy.. kinda scary at times. Before we went out he had a tough break up (and I mean tough >> like he was in depression)...and I was the active one in persueding him into going out with me. It was all good >> but he is like following me everywhere -when I say I'm going to the toilet he waits outside the toilet >> I mean.. come on. And we visit the same university and classes XD. Like he told my BFF to watch over me while he is gone >> not to let any guys talk to me/or sit next to me. I've already slept with him so he shouldn't be sexually frustrated or smth.. xD ... He even tells me he sees his life with me >> want to marry me.. which is kinda strange we dated for a couple of months and we're both 20 ...So my question is >> is he using me to get over his ex-gf or is he serious ? What is wrong with him?

Sorry for making it so long >.<


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  • People seek instant gratification, he is trying to fill the void. Ask him, how long has been single for before meeting you? Perhaps tell him you want a six month break so he can get grounded first and be more stable for you.

  • If he didn't really heal from the break up with his ex, then chances are.. he's using ya.. I don't know though, maybe he's not. Who's knows, girlie :I

    Regardless though, he's trippin and needs to chill with all the controlling crap. ugh.