Am I a typical girl behaving like she didn't have a dad?

Okay, please don't judge me I feel meh enough about this whole circumstance :/ I'm in my teen years and have not had a dad since I was six. I had a stepdad but he is just an awful man and I never considered him a father for numerous reasons. I kind of raised myself on a daddy's perspective and now thinking about it, don't think I did a very good job.

Um, I'm just wondering if I am a typical girl who behaves like she doesn't have a daddy figure because id want to fix that :/ Umm I have had one serious boyfriend when I was 14 and he was 17, just an awful idea, he was a very bad boy with anger problems, mainipulative, and I'm a very good girl, but somehow we made it work, but I am kind of glad it ended because it was getting bad. Umm, I work very very hard in school, have friends, hang with many different types of people and probably some I shouldnt, but I don't do anythign very bad. Never smoked or drank. Um, I'm very independent since my stepdad doesn't support me. I'm known as the supeer nice and pretty girl at my school. I try to stay fit since I don't do sports, I try to balance friends, college, school, dating, and being active. I take AP classes and extracurricular activites as well. Um after the very bad bad boy, I just dated and didn't get serious with about 4 really really good boys who work hard, don't do drugs, very sweet, gentlemen like, etc. I always expected respect from them and didn't just give myself to them as well. Unfortunately, I found this guy I really like now to a point of maybe a relationship, but he did marijuana and I did not like that and wouldn't want to date because of that (my biological dad would be very disapppointed in me and I really try to live in honor of him) and he told me he'd stop, but only a week and he did again. He seemed supeeer sorry and I was quite angry about this and he coud tell and was so so sorry and told me he wouldn't slip again, he'd like send me snap of everything he does blah blah. so I gave him one last chance (which I don't know if that's a good thing or not but I do believe everyone deserves a second chance) but my mother found out he did and told me I could never see him again, but we still like each other. I also dress not revealing at all, I'm not known as easy, I never cry unless I'm alone or on the phone with my sister or mom, I'm known as being that happy girl but a girl who has a rough life because of my stepdad. I highly respect my mother for everything she has done for me and am trying to respond my stepdad. I don't get into trouble at all, hope to get a job soon for a hospital as well. Please give me your honest oppinon, do I seem like that girl with problems because she didn't have a dad? Please give me your honest oppinion! My mother I think is starting to see this effecting me since I was willing to date a boy who had done weed. Please tell me what you think, truth hurts sometimes too right? Thank youu! :)


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  • A lot of people like to throw the words "looking for a father" "daddy issues" etc. around and I think a lot of it is bullshit. Of course things in your life that have happened and the way you were raised effects how you see things in life but you have to be smart enough to be honest with yourself and not let those things negatively effect your life. You honestly sound pretty smart already and it's great that you have standards for the guys you date, that's something everyone should do.

    A guy smoking weed once in awhile is not that big of a deal to me, if he does it all of the time or has an addiction that's a different story, so no I don't think that's related to you not having a dad around and if it's something that truly bothers you or makes you look down on him then that's your decision.

    Honestly you're young, you have a lot going for you it seems and it seems you learned your lesson with the one bad guy you dated so just don't make those same mistakes, continue to put yourself first and set standards for who you date and you'll be just fine, you're already smarter then a lot of women I know, who are a lot older also lol


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  • You still have a father figure, because you try to live in honor of your naural father, and your mom has probably told you all about him.. it's also good you try to respect your stepfather as well.

    You don't 'have problems', but your life will always be influenced by having a missing father in your life. You'll always be looking for a guy to take his place, Any guy you like, you're looking not only for a life partner..but also for a father figure.

    That can make your relationship with any guy difficult, and if you aren't careful, you will wind up with someone who may not be suitable for you,but who fills the father role. An older guy, for example, who isn't someone compatible.

    Thumbs up for staying away from stoners, btw.

  • Not at all. If you were substituting sex with guys for the affection you don't have from a male father figure, I would say you were. You seem to have a pretty good head on your shoulders.


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  • Not at all, you're one tough cookie girl! :) as for the older guy thing, a lot of people will says you're looking for a father figure right now but I disagree. I think people can't help who they fall inlove with <3 xxxx :)

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