Lunch-time coffee: Is it a date?

So there's a girl that I know very casually, we've literally just bumped into each other about 3 or 4 times, and not for about a year. She was going to come to a house party at my house but she couldn't come and messaged me on the day to say sorry. After a few days back and fourth I invited her for a coffee and she said yes.

So here's my question, would this be considered a date? And if it's borderline how would I convey that that's what I'd like to think of it as? Paying would be the obvious thing - just wondering if it'd be a little weird to offer to pay for something as small as a £1.50 coffee.



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  • Sounds like at least a first-date type thing to see if you like each other! Getting coffee's almost always the universal sign for asking out, after all. You're right, too; if she lets you pay for her coffee, it definitely solidifies it in the "date" category (Definitely insist!). Doesn't matter the price, it matters if it shows you are a gentleman. If she doesn't let you pay, it means she doesn't have the IMMEDIATE hots for you ( that's okay...try again in date 2!) or she just wants to hang out.

    Get through the first date first, though! And GOOD LUCK!


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  • No, it's not considered a date.

    It's just two people sitting down and getting to know each other.

    I like to think of a date has when you take someone to a nice place and you try to impress them.

    Even though, it's not a date chemistry is chemistry.

    Whether you're at a nice restaurant or getting a cup of coffee.

    During this get together you will find if you like each other or not and who knows...

    this could lead to a date night (taking her somewhere nice).

  • Sounds like just two people getting coffee. Paying would definitely signal that you want to court her. But I don't think she would agree to go one on one with you if she wasn't interested!

  • i think it can be one. or at least a start for a real date. I would definitely consider it a date actually.


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