Changing her tone of voice?

So on my last date I noticed something odd with my dates tone of voice..

It was our first date and it was going average but our night picnic at the beach was rained out.. so I just got the sparkling cider and wine glasses I brought and the glow sticks so we could just drink and play around together in the car while it rained and our date when from average to she's really feeling me.

As soon as I noticed she was loving the thought I put into our date her tone of voice INSTANTLY changed. Before she had a slightly deeper tone, and we were play arguing back and forth about stupid things, all in good fun lol. But as soon as it felt like we were connecting her tone of voice rose noticeably immediately to a sweet soft high voice :)

Is that a thing girls normally do when talking to a guy theyre attracted to? Is there studies anywhere that backs this up? I thought this was the weirdest thing, but I liked it lol



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  • Ha ha, sorry don't mean to laugh but you are thinking way too much into this. Studies?

    Yes it is normal. She likes you that is why her voice has risen. This is natural. She is acting in a more child like manner, because we women instinctively want a man to take care of us and instinctively men want to take care of their woman. She has potentially found her soul mate, so she is doing whatever to show you she likes you. I bet you anything she got a bit more giggly as well, right?

    Go with it, if you liked it, it is her way of seducing you.


    • Lmao sorry, I think too much about everything. And now that I think about it, yes she did get more giggly as well :P

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