Boyfriend asks online friend to buy game system for him.

My boyfriend has arranged for a friend he just started playing online games with to send him the new Xbox one launch edition that she apparently doesn't want. She bought it trying to resale and make a profit on but is not having any luck. He is going to pay her after she sends it when he gets the money and even emailing a signed 'contract' saying he will repay. My issue is he just started talking to her a month and half ago. I think it's inappropriate and leading her on. And a slap in my face, cause he can't wait until Christmas or wait and buy it himself. Worst part he met her on a dating site.

A question wasn't really formed, just don't know what to do. Fellas am I overreacting? Is it OK since he agreed to pay for the system?


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  • Definitely overreacting. I've met girls in almost the same way but that didn't mean I was trying hump them. Plus they're both gamers and she has the latest and greatest in next-gen gaming. It seems pretty reasonable for him to help her get some money while he gets a new console.

    • Even though they've only known each other a month?

    • Yeah. I see it as a supply and demand thing. The real question is why is your boyfriend on a dating website?

    • And that is where the issue lies. If it was a legit friend. I wouldn't care. And the fact that he still talks to people on them.

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